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Travel Accessories

Favorite websites to shop everything you need to take with you.

  • Target- A great alternative to Amazon, Target is a big-box retailer with great style, reliable Midwest customer service and free and easy returns.

  • Amazon- Fast, easy and has everything- you know the drill. Perfect place to order when time gets away from you and you need an essential for your flight later that week or let’s face it- if you need a gift and don’t have time to go to a store. Also, BOOKS. Buy them here in paper form or to lessen your load, download on your Kindle.

  • Nordstrom- Luxury department store and fashion retailer with the best customer service out there. Hands-down. If you need a new outfit for your travels, luggage, product, accessories- this is the place.

  • Moosejaw- For our outdoor enthusiasts, Moosejaw specializes in outdoor recreation apparel and gear for snowboarding, rock climbing, hiking, and camping at incredible prices.

  • Paraval- Affordable and high quality luggage and travel essentials. There packable extra bag is SUPER. If you don’t take our word for it, maybe knowing it’s an Oprah favorite will help.

  • Shopstyle - When we can’t find something we have to have, or something is sold out on the brand website, we source it on Shopstyle. It’s like a secret finder for all things amazing.

Unique Travel Finds