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What to Pack / Europe Edition

What to Pack / Europe Edition


If you are making plans to go on an European adventure, this list of packing favorites from Roam contributor, professional organizer and stylist Liz Tornell will help you help maximize your space and pack easy with her go-to versatile and multi-purpose items.

Happy Roaming!

1. Warby Parker Durand Sunglasses- I love these sunglasses because they are a decent price and provide you with excellent eye protection. Yes, they have scratch-resistant lenses that block 100% of UVA and UVB rays… BUT, they are also super cute and stylish. Also, at this time of the year (June) Norway has about 19 hours of daylight, so get those sunnies on.

2. Patagonia Atom Backpack- this is ideal for the semi-adventurous, day-trip traveler. It’s small, light-weight and has an adjustable and removable sternum strap for comfort and back support. Plus, it comes in a bunch of different colors, both bold and understated.

3. La Ligne Long Line Tee- The temperature in Norway is between 50-70 degrees in June. That’s a wide range, and as a Minnesotan I am used to dressing for varying temperatures. Layering is essential and I cannot say enough about this light-weight cotton long sleeve from La Ligne. It’s expensive for a tee, but it hands-down the best fitting shirt I have ever worn. This shirt is PERFECT for a European vacation. It’s versatile enough to dress up, dress down, worn as a base or as the main event. A similar option for less is this style from J.crew.

4. Mossio Packing Cubes-these are an easy way to get and stay organized when traveling. You can use them as space savers and organize your clothes by occasion or day. I often use them to separate each of my children’s clothes when we are sharing a bag. Best of all, they make unpacking a cinch when you reach your destination, just pop them in the drawer.

5. New Balance Lightweight Running Shoe- I’m in love with these running shoes. Not just for everyday, but I always travel with them. They are lightweight and take up almost no space in your bag. My excuse for not exercising while traveling was because my gym shoes wouldn’t fit… these no longer give me that excuse. And they are cute enough to wear outside the gym too. The Nike Fly Knit is another great option for a comfortable, packable running shoe.

6. Mossio Hanging Toiletry Bag- I’ve been told one of the best ways to see Norway is by boat, so a majority of my trip will be spent on a ship. It’s actually my first time traveling this way and I’ve been warned that your sleeping quarters can be small. I already loved this toiletry bag, but I love it even more with its hanging feature—a great way to save on space, while keeping organized. Also, this bag has the best color and pattern options and is a great price point.

7. Supergoop Lip Balm- Lips are one of the most sun sensitive parts of your body. I’m always neglecting to protect my lips. Supergoop is one of my favorite sun-protection brands, but specifically this lip balm. It’s nourishing, protecting, soothing and it’s “taste” is great. It also keeps my lips hydrated on long flights.

8. Tide Sink Packs- These are brilliant for long, overseas travel. Run out of clean socks or underwear and don’t have access to laundry services? Wash them in the sink. I traveled for too many years without these, I will never go without them again.

9. Thirty48 No Show Socks- These are my favorites. Most of my travel requires a decent amount of walking. Sometimes I get to wear athletic shoes, but a lot of the time I’m wearing flats, loafers, driving moccasins or topsiders. Where sweaty feet might not be a regular problem for me, it’s a definite problem on days of intensive sightseeing and touring. These socks save the day. They keep those toes fresh, are so low no one will know you are wearing them and the gripper on the heel keeps them in place.

10. Cole Haan Packable Rain Coat- I would describe my trip to Norway as semi-adventurous, leisure travel. There will be a lot of walking, a bit of hiking and a lot of down time to take in Norway’s beauty and charm. I wanted a stylish coat that would serve three functions: protection from the potential rain, a functional layering piece and something compact. BOOM. Enter this perfect jacket. Another fantastic option is this stylish, water-resistant anorak from Everlane.

11. Mark & Graham Card Case- On an overseas trip, I prefer to travel light. I use a card case as my primary wallet. I really only need room for my Credit Card, my ID and some cash. The rest can stay in the hotel’s safe. It’s slim enough to put in the front pocket of most of my jeans or slide into the chest pocket of a coat. This one at Etsy is a great option as well.

12. Madewell Jeans- I’m a denim person. I always feel like my best self in denim. I’m packing these cropped, bootcut jeans with me to Norway. Not only are they on trend (but not too trendy) they are SOOOO comfortable to move around in—perfect for traveling. I mean… they say “Comfort Stretch Edition” right in the title. For men, I suggest Slim Fit Levi’s, you can’t go wrong with this comfortable and classic go-to.

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