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What to Pack / Contributor Favorites

What to Pack / Contributor Favorites


1. Washed Leather Moto Jacket- This is a tough purchase for some, we get it, but if you are going to splurge this is the one. Every time we see it on, we are like, ‘dang, that’s adorable!’

2. Grab & Go Set of 15 Ponytails- Why are we adding these? Cause they are they best we have ever come across. Cute, securely hold hair without ripping it out of your head and look like a bracelet when on your wrist. Also, they are so good you will actually keep track of them.

3. Ainsley Conquest Waterproof Boot- A contributor favorite that is comfortable, stylish and waterproof so you don’t have to worry about stomping through rain, mud or snow.

4. J.crew Vintage PJ’s- We have shared our love of these before, this is the ‘capri’ version. A little shorter for the warm weather. Perfect for packing, you don’t have to worry about changing around guests.

5. Hampton Straw Sun Hat- It’s an investment but we are told over and over that it’s worth every penny. The quality is excellent, it keeps it shape when packed, has an inside elastic band so it stays put and most importantly Blocks 95% of UVA and UVB rays.

6. Mini Biker Nylon Backpack- Stylish and just the right size, this is good for travel or really everyday. We have a contributor we never see without it and if you look at the reviews, she isn’t the only one.

7. Natural Lip Treatment - This lip treatment has us hooked. It’s hydrating, chemical free and you can even pick one with a touch of color.

8. AWAY the Medium suitcase - If you need new luggage this is the way to go. Another Roam Guide favorite, this bag is sturdy, lightweight, includes a laundry bag and can fit a ton.

9. Waikiki Cover-Up Jumpsuit- I have to tell you, a few of us have this in red and love it. Comfortable, flattering and easy to pull-on over a suit or to wear on its own. I often get asked where this is from, this is a good one.

10. Fourteen Belt Bag - This is a favorite with the masses, for sure. Great for travel, concerts or just out for a walk. You can wear as a belt bag, but we like it better as a cross-body. The price point is great too.

11. Vans Classic Sneaker- A really comfortable slip-on shoe. Cute with jeans and leggings, great for walking long distances and easy to slip- off through airport security. There have great options for men as well.

12. J.crew Tie Back Top- this tank can be worn casually but we found it to be an awesome work-out tank paired with some high-waisted leggings. Cute, comes in lots of colors and affordable. The general consensus is to size-up.

13. 510™ Skinny Fit Jeans- These are an easy and comfortable way to get your husband/boyfriend (or any man in your life) to embrace skinny jeans. Just slim enough, they won’t even notice.

14. Slim Fit Long Sleeve Polo- An elevated, basic polo with incredible detailing and looks really good on and packs well.

15. Madewell Demi Boot Jean - We will be forever grateful that we were introduced to these jeans. Flattering on all body shapes, perfect for ankle-baring seasons and goes with a variety of shoes.

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