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Roam Guide / NYC

New York City is a place that can be constantly "discovered" - there is always something new to experience or a fresh corner to be found. Those people who say they don't like the city, just haven't found "their" New York. In this travel guide to NYC there truly is something for everyone.

Ready and Roam / Warsaw, Poland

Roam Guide, Adrienne Bednarz explores her ‘Phoenix City’, of Warsaw, Poland. In her first collaboration with R&R, she shares her home country with it’s jaw-dropping scenery, wealth of history, (well-deserved) reputation for hospitality and incredibly favorable exchange rates.

Roam Guide / SW Utah

Take a hike with outdoor enthusiast and adventurer, Kelly Moorman, through the twists and turns of the glorious Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. Her Roam Guide includes everything you need to know for your own SW Utah adventure.

Roam Guide / Copenhagen, Denmark

Those who have been to Copenhagen often say it’s their favorite European destination. They reminisce about about the rich history and fairytale charm . The friendly locals are outside all the time and when they’re not, they’re tucked inside cozy cafes.