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Roam Guide / Norway

Cruise through the majestic fjords of Norway with professional organizer and stylist Liz Tornell as she immerses herself in the Scandinavian culture. She may be a lover of 'all things in their place' at home, but when she travels she finds joy and beauty in the most unexpected places.

Ready and Roam / Warsaw, Poland

Roam Guide, Adrienne Bednarz explores her ‘Phoenix City’, of Warsaw, Poland. In her first collaboration with R&R, she shares her home country with it’s jaw-dropping scenery, wealth of history, (well-deserved) reputation for hospitality and incredibly favorable exchange rates.

Roam Guide / North to South Portugal

In Porto, the views were decidedly worth the hike. In Nazare, there is nothing quite like the thundering surf framed by majestic cliffs, and the expansive wine country is hard to explain. In this Roam Guide, accomplished photographer Liz Banfield relives her family holiday in Portugal.

Roam Guide / Copenhagen, Denmark

Those who have been to Copenhagen often say it’s their favorite European destination. They reminisce about about the rich history and fairytale charm . The friendly locals are outside all the time and when they’re not, they’re tucked inside cozy cafes.

Roam Guide / Belgium

Most people take the train from Amsterdam to Paris and don't stop in Belgium, but they should. The charming cities of Antwerp, Ghent, & Bruges are roughly 30 minutes away from each other, walkable and full of history.