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5 Road Trip Podcasts

5 Road Trip Podcasts

We both listen to A LOT of podcasts, whether that be on the road or in the bathroom putting on makeup. Here is our list of current favorites to download before you GO. For beginner podcast listeners, here is a great article on how to pick a podcast player and listen. 



No matter how much planning you do in advance of a trip, there is always a certain amount of the unexpected that presents itself. The podcast Strangers, helps transport you into someone else's experience and value the unexpected in life. Listen to the episode Alaska Bingo and you'll be reminded of all the wonderful reasons travel. 



After blowing through great episodic podcasts produced by print publications (Accused & Hanging), I went searching for another singular story written by journalists. Crimetown is from the creators of the HBO docu-series The Jinx, and covers the crime culture of Providence, RI in the 80s & 90s. Great storytelling and production value.


Modern Love 

An expansion of the New York Times column, Modern Love features readings of the popular essays by actors and other notable personalities. Like a great novel these short stories transport you into another life and capture the joy and heartache of love. 


Story Corps

A unique and honest approach to storytelling, through unscripted interviews between everyday people. They will make you laugh, cry, gain perspective and restore your faith in humanity.



Each episode of Casefile explores a facinating new case. Based in Australia, most of the true crime stories are unfamiliar to US listeners. Additionally appealing is the geographic and cultural insight that the podcast provides.



Realizing this is #6 of 5 podcasts in this post, it was just too hard to leave it off the list. Criminal, runs the gamut on the definition of the word. Each episode is immediately captivating and host Phoebe Judge is like the Bob Ross of Podcast voices, intriguing, articulate and very easy to listen to. 

While not all of the above content is appropriate for kids of a certain age. Here are a couple favorites that we've found particularly engaging for a younger audience. Those podcasts include, Stories Podcast and But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids. We'd love to know some of your favorites in the comments below. Happy listening! 


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