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What to Pack / Kid's Travel Activities

What to Pack / Kid's Travel Activities

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Our kids are well-traveled in the broadest sense of the word. They are global citizens and local adventurers, and we've gotten really good at packing what works to keep them busy. Here are our tried and true favorites, at restaurants, in the sky, and on the beach, kids ages, 3-13.


Little Dudes

We call them little dudes, but clearly this isn't a universal term. Basically anything that's small and has a face. Examples include Disney figurines, Playskool action figures, Polly Pockets, Army men, ninjas... Kids aged 3-8 also adore the Busy Books that come with 12 figurines and a play mat. Buy new ones for trips, or rotate in an old assortment.


Playing Cards

This seems simple but a deck of cards has endless possibilities. Structured favorites include Tell me a Story, Crazy Mates, Old Maid and Classic Uno. Click below to download a PDF of how to play Golf, one of our favorites for older kids.


Building Sets

Definitely a Tupperware of random legos will suffice, but we've also had hours of success with ++, Brixies and magnetic building blocks. This is an ageless creative activity that is sure to keep even the older kids off their phones.


Sticker / Activity Books

Usborne Books is the ultimate resource in this category however, Stickyscapes, Creative Studio, and the French branded Djeco, all do a great job with both sticker and brain puzzle activities for children.



Enter Oriental Trading. We keep a luggage case filled with an assortment of jumping plastic, wind-up toys, vending machine finger puppets, Chinese handcuffs... you get the idea. We call this box the "restaurant toys," and we keep it in the car at all times.

Tell us your secret weapons when traveling with kids? Share your favorites in the comments below. 

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