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Gift Guide for Travelers

Gift Guide for Travelers


1. Kindle Paperwhite - the newest version is waterproof and great for the pool or beach. If you prefer to listen to your stories while you are on-the-go it now connects to Audible with wireless headphones. Although, I love holding an actual book, having a Kindle is essential when you are on the move. You can to choose from multiple books and there is a built-in light so you can read without disturbing those around you.

2. Commute Clutch - The Mark & Graham clutch is luxurious and practical, with a slot to hold everything. This is on our gift list- hint. hint.

3. Que Water Bottle - This water bottle is collapsible, making it easy to throw in your bag without taking up precious space. This will put an end to buying a $12 bottle of water at the airport - you’re welcome.

4. White & Warren Cashmere Scarf- You can’t go wrong with cashmere and this brand is a longtime favorite. Gorgeous and versatile these scarves can double as a wrap on a flight or a scarf when the temperature dips

I was gifted mine 15 years ago and bring it everywhere with me.

5. Eye Mask- These are our favorite because they have room for your eyeballs. Comfortable and you never need to worry about ruining up your make-up when taking a nap.

6. Natural Lip Treatment - A contributor favorite that has us hooked. This Tata Harper lip treatment is hydrating, chemical free and you can even pick one with a touch of color.

7. Personalized Luggage Tag - Handmade from a favorite Etsy shop, these are a thoughtful and personalized gift for your favorite traveler.

8. Kid-O Magnatab - A fun and easy gift to get your creative juices flowing. This magnetic board will keep both kids and adults entertained. Really, it’s addictive.

9. Fold-up Backpack - A full-size, durable backpack that easily folds down into a small pouch. A perfect extra bag that can be turned into a hands-free, carry-on.

10. Chatbooks - A no fail, easy gift idea. Just download your pictures from social media and create a memorable keepsake.

11. Flying Wish Paper- One of our favorite NYE and birthday traditions is to write a wish on this paper, roll it up, and let your wish fly. A great way to reflect, start over and dream big.

12. Aquis Hair Towel- This magic towel dries your hair faster and tames frizz (hallelujah). It’s also lightweight, making it easy move around in and much better than balancing a large body towel on your head.

13. J.crew Vintage Pajamas- These are gold. Lightweight and comfortable for sleeping but also great for traveling, as you can be covered up and put together when room service rings your door.

14. Rothy’s Flats - Comfortable and cozy these are as wonderful as everyone says. Equally great for slipping on and off on a lengthy plane ride, as they are for for hours of sightseeing.

Little sweaters for your feet. You’re are going to need more than one pair.

15. Fourteen Belt Bag- there are so many places where it is nice to be hands-free; amusement parks, sightseeing, concerts, shopping, wrangling children.. the list goes on. As far as fanny packs go this one isn’t too big and it’s quite adorable. People will ask you where you got it.

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