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Welcome to Ready and Roam! We've gathered a collection of experiences from like-minded travelers to provide you with thoughtful recommendations and inspiration for your next adventure.

Well traveled and well connected.

Curators Katie and Regina have been friends for 15 years and share a mutual appreciation for connecting people, building community and exploring the world. Prior to Ready & Roam, Regina spent time on both coasts producing commercials for ad agencies. In 2008 she gave up visual storytelling to read stories to her kids. Katie has worked in all facets of the business world, from corporate to non-profit. Ultimately she is an entrepreneur at heart,  successfully co-founding Apogee Gifts and selling the company in 2006 after the premature birth of her 2nd child (he was under 2lbs!)

Over the last few years we began discussing how to share travel experiences more easily with others. We all use our network of friends to discover new places, locate the best hotels, gather information on how to visit a national park, or share ideas on how to explore a new country. Even your most well-traveled friend reaches out when planning an excursion somewhere new. We created Ready and Roam as a resource for that trusted conversation.

Travel with a little help from friends.

We have connected with travelers well-versed in certain areas to share advice in a simple format for free. Our goal is to find, collect and provide travel experiences that encourage people to GO, whether that’s to an unfamiliar city or halfway around the world. Based in the Midwest and busy building relationships around the world, visit us often for inspiration and ideas.

We haven't been everywhere, but we know people who have. 

Happy Roaming, 

Katie & Regina


Katie & Regina


Rody Lundgren / Contributor


 Jessica Florac / Contributor
Minneapolis, MN


Marie & Nick Pocock, Contributors
Minneapolis, MN

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Guest Interview


Jen Peterson / Contributor
Minneapolis, MN


Kelly Moorman / Contributor
Bozeman, MT


Libby Baur, Contributor
Minneapolis, MN

 Regina Folken / Co-founder
Minneapolis, MN


Becky Burley & Ann Mathews #TheEatsAt


Clare Wedrickas / Contributor
Atlanta, GA


Liz Banfield, Contributor
Minneapolis, MN

 Katie Lang / Co-founder
Minneapolis, MN


Kristy Wesson / Contributor
Minneapolis, MN


Jackie Just / Contributor
Minneapolis, MN


Imen McDonnell, Contributor

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